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In two words: is a non-profit association created in Geneva. It offers sailing trips in a concept called "collaborative navigation". advocates the exchange of knowledge and skills in order to offer a life experience to the whole crew mixing relaxation, learning and sharing. In the same way, the association supports training and other projects, especially environmental and social-educational ones.

You want to participate? There is definitely a trip for you!

The origins of the project:

The project was born out of a passion for sailing and has gradually grown in importance each year as sailing has been organised. The world of sailing is an excellent catalyst to encourage encounters and raise awareness of the protection of the marine environment. From Greece to Belize to Brittany, the common thread of each sailing trip has always been sharing, collaboration and ecology.

The project:

After years of successful and rich sharing trips, it is time for to take a new momentum and to equip its own sailing boat for the next adventure.

The association will then be able to propose themed trips throughout the year, combining human encounters and discoveries of the elements.

Thanks to funds brought by the numerous members of the association, the boat is entirely financed, it only needs to be prepared.

The rewards:

By supporting this project, you will be able to obtain very attractive rates for a duration equal to your contribution. Each contributor will also receive a postcard of a future stay when they least expect it. All contributors will also be entered into a draw to win an extra week of their choice on board the yacht, all expenses paid.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds received will be used to equip and prepare the boat for its new departure:

  • A new mainsail: 15000 €.
  •  A dinghy and its engine: 5000 €.
  • 1st year insurance: 2500 €.
  • Sailing equipment: 2000
  • VHF radio: €1500
  • Liferaft: €1500
  • Flagging: 1000 € (in French)
  • Lazy bag: 1500 €.

If you exceed the amount to be achieved, no problem, there is still a lot of equipment to be installed in a second phase:


  • Solar panels
  • A water maker
  • New batteries
  • A new genoa
  • A wind turbine
  • A hydro generator
  • A compressor and diving tanks

 All this in order to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint of the proposed stays.

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