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Friday, June 29, 2012
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WeAreCo is a tool to enjoy living together. It is a sign you can wear that means two things: that you are willing and able to provide some basic services in your daily environment. There are many ways we can think of to help each other have a nice day. Take a look at how you can get involved.


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I want to show my support to this FANTASTIC idea and I will be kept updated with all the news about the project

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I want to receive one (1) badge and start spreading the love around me

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I will receive three (3) badges so that I can bring my friends to be nice in their daily lives

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Voor €20 en meer

I will receive 3 badges and a nicely designed card to proudly display wherever I want

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Once they are designed, I will enjoy wearing a t-shirt with the WeAreCo logo printed on it. AND I will receive 2 badges to show my love to people in the streets

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I am serious about people trusting me. I want to have 2 t-shirts so that can be nice every day

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The NICE pack. I will receive 2 t-shirts and 2 badges, and I will be interviewed and featured on the website to explain why trust is important to me on a daily basis

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Beschikbaarheid 10/10

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SPONSOR PACK: your organization will be associated with the project as a sponsor of the initiative. Restrictions may apply, please contact the creators if you like the idea.

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