Weecame, l'application qui révolutionne vos soirées !

Help us developping Weecame on Android ! The first free and secure app that allows you to find and organize parties at home or in bars.

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Weecame, l'application qui révolutionne vos soirées !

According to INSEE, 3 French over prefer private parties at night clubs considered impersonal, expensive and not conducive to discussions and meetings. However, 84% of 18-35-year associate night as the most opportune time to expand their circle of friends.   Tired of the TV dinner under the duvet with no ideas for your evening? Weecame is THE new mobile application that breaks your routine, cheers for your day and simply revolutionizes the evenings!   Available on iOS, Weecame is a free application that lets you find and organize parties in private or in public places.   The app:   With Weecame and its geolocation system, you can easily find nearby events in private or in public places. The events appears with the manner of Tinder and you decide to participate or not.   To join a private event (to someone's house) a notification will be sent to the organizer who will accept or not your participation regarding your profile and note behavior. You can also discuss with the host thanks to chat available.   Want to organize your own? Nothing simpler. Login to Weecame, create your party, invite your friends and choose the number of weecamers you want to invite!  




The team:


Our team is composed of students and young investors. The management team is composed of 5 members: Baptist Barbaud our CEO, Pierre Duvergé our Communications Director, Chloe Goncalves our Marketing Director, Simon Auger our Commercial Manager Vincent Bourquin and PR Manager.







They talk about us:



Waar dient de collecte voor

the application has generated in 2 weeks more than 1500 downloads on iOS, but now we want to extend its application to Android users so they can also learn and participate in the evenings Weecame!   Here is what we will do with the prize pool:  



So we need you! One euro, one hundred or one million euros saved because you do not know what to do with your money: whatever your contribution, we will be very happy in all cases!


What if we get more ?


- We will launche super amazing communication campaigns

- We will nvades europe to multiply Weecamers and parties in Europe - We will develop the Windows Phone (No more jealous !)  


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