Winemak'Her Bar, 100% women winemaker wine list

Help us to create A wine Bar with women winemaker wines only !

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Winemak'Her Bar, 100% women winemaker wine list

Hi, I'm Alexandra, my husband Davy ans I have been together for 20 years. We're parents of 2 wonderful kids, Cloé and Sasha, and our doggy Deky !

I came to New-York in 2002, and that was truly a revelation for me ! I immediately knew I wanted to live here !

I brought Davy in 2013 to see if he likes New-York too, and he loved it. After several trips around the world, many jobs in various cities, still our dream is to live here!

We came for 3 months with the children to see the reality : winter ! And we were so HAPPY ! At this time, we decided to live in New-York !

Our Project :

Our project is born of the new Parisien's concept Bar, Sport & Bar.  I though a wine bar with a petanque track in New-York would be a good idea, crazy but good.

We share simplicity with Davy, so we want to Open a wine Bar with vintage decorations, and offer small dishes, easy to share.

French organic and local recipes only !

Retail before intallation :

Retail after installation :

Our wine list is not ordinary since it only offers wines from French and foreign women winegrower.

I met passionate women winegrowers, they gave me their time, and their experience, and I thought: "I want to work with this women!"

Our wines menu offers wine by the glass, and by the bottle, with a large panel for all tastes, and prices.

Stéphanie Fumoso woman winemaker

We want to create a friendly bistrot, where it's easy to share a good time over a drink.

A bar for all our Frenchies in New-York, but also for all our American friends and tourists who want to test new wineyards.

Today the Winemak'Her LLC has been created with our lawyer, and it has its bank account.

Next month we'll meet our accounting advisor, and our lawyer for our investor visa E2.

Currently we're looking for our retail place in order to launch our visa application, we hope to find soon, yee-haw!

Waar dient de collecte voor

For our Bar we need 20.000€ ($22.558)

We have a goal of 20.000€ ($22.558) because we don't want to work with investors, we want to manage from beginning to end all steps, and to preserve our values.

What do these 20.000€ ($22.558) represent?

Machinery + electronic appliances : Coffee Machine , oven, fridge, wine cellar : 13.000€

Lawyer 5.000€

The remaining 2.000€ ($2.255) will be used for:

The licenses/permits, KissKissBankBank fees…

The total project cost is 190.000€ ($214.304). We sold our house in Picardie France, our furniture, and home appliances. We kept only the clothes !


The 20.000€ ($22.558) target can of course be exceeded, and our Bar will only be better decorated, with a greater variety of wines.

And our bar will have a working capital too, which would be Amazing  as we all know challenging opening this kind of business is !

Feel free to talk about our project and share our campaign on social media. This simple act can make a big difference and help us to reach our goal!

The more we talk about the project, the more it has chances to succeed !

We are counting on you to spread the word !!!

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