Witty Alley's first album

Prog Rock Metal Fan..? Witty Alley Need You!!! Check out details about our first album.

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Witty Alley's first album

* Discover Ekphrasis (premix version), song released from the new album :


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And for more details :

Original, complex, innovative, unconventional…In fact, Witty Alley’s music is nothing like that, but simply a subtil melt vintage rock roots and modern metal sounds, all mixed in a progressive cocktail, without calculation or show off.

Guided by a boundless energy and a palpable sincerity , the audience takes a journey through the tracks, discovering with each one a new side to the music. Each song telling its own story, it draws its atmosphere by a constant evolution, developped by a large range of arrangements. From powerful grooves to high flying climats, orchestrals parts to jazzy question-and-answer solos, evolutive rock parts and catchy vocal melodies are combined to create unique songs, through epic to nightmarish parts!

With many various influences and the will to transcend genres, Witty Alley is looking for emotion, throughout both their songwriting and the live experience, where the public observe a succession of moods, though they are never left behind...

Witty Alley released its first EP “Some Kind of Wit” in 2011, only available by postal orders or during live shows, or on streaming on all major plateforms: Itunes, Deezer, Spotify...

Today, after numerous line up changes and a hard-working period of songwriting and recording, we're about to release our first album, a major step for any band and particularly for Witty Alley
The songs of this album represent the true identity we were searching to create, as a band, much more homogeneous than on our first EP, but still showing that diversity of genre which we are attached.

We dug deeper into the progressive way and the metal side of our music is more present too, the main thematic of the album exploring dark and peculiar aspects of things...

We are convinced that we achieved something really special with the making of this record, that's why we are determined to give it the best production possible. We spent all our money and resources in the recording of the tracks and a part of the making of the artwork. Now, it still needs to be mixed, mastered, pressed and finally released!

That's why we need you!!! We need your help to finalise the production process :

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a music producer..? This is your chance!

Witty Alley NEED YOU!!!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund-raising will be transfered to the Omniphonia association.

These 3000€ constitute a first step that will finance:

- THE MIXING OF THE ALBUM                                                                            1500€          

- THE MASTERING  OF THE ALBUM                                                                    500€       

- THE OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS  (T-SHIRTS, POSTERS, STICKERS)               760€          -  KKBB part & Bank taxes                                                                                    240€ 

If we could reach a second step of 4000€, we would finance also THE PRESSING OF THE ALBUM .

Finally, if we could reach 5000€, we could pay the SDRM rights, french tax for the pressing of any physical music support.          

 Any higher donation will be used for the promotion of the album.

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