Wonderscope - Seeing Nature differently

Support the creation of a web series to showcase Nature in a surprising way and help rethink our relationship with the environment!

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Wonderscope - Seeing Nature differently

If you are in Europe, your donation may give you a tax reduction of 66 % of its amount (with our status of Association of general interest)! Please check if it applies to your case.

A series of videos to show Nature experiences during a big journey

For 1 year and a half, we will travel the roads of Eurasia in a van to share experiences of Nature with the populations encountered through 2 types of activities:

  • to experiment together tools that allow to observe what is imperceptible to the naked eye (microscope, macro photo, astrophoto ...) and to transform it into an image,
  • to practice sports that allow you to be in direct contact with the elements (ski touring, climbing, slackline, kayaking, trekking ...).

This chosen video format will be displayed on the Internet and at specialized festivals and will be able to capture the interest of a wide audience, with the adventure of travel and the meeting of the other as well as the activities of nature or the images of sports performance: a clever mix that promises big thrills episodes!

Using emotion to help rethink our relationship with Nature : the idea behind the Wonderscope project

You've seen it like us: scientists around the world are increasingly alerting us to the need to transform our lifestyles to cope with the ongoing environmental crisis. You also surely find that individual and collective behaviors are struggling to really change.
How to explain this lack of reaction?
By focusing on psychological mechanisms, we have discovered that emotions play a much bigger role than the analysis of rational elements, such as numbers and statistics, in the decision-making of the individual.

Both of us, with our purely scientific training, are now facing a new field, almost unknown to us, and that could actually be our most effective lever for action to change attitudes!

So it's decided, we leave our comfort zone and we give ourselves the mission to try to touch environmental consciousness by transmitting positive emotions around Nature.

With Wonderscope, we will create images of Nature that call for wonder, to inspire the desire to get closer to the environment, and subsequently to want to preserve it.

Planning and itinerary

The adventure will begin at the beginning of April 2019 and will last until September 2020.
The structuring stages of the schedule are :

  • to reach Nepal in early October 2019 before the closure of the road passes
  • to arrive in Japan in February 2020 to be in the middle of winter
  • take the Trans-Siberian road in early April 2020 to arrive at Lake Baikal when it is still frozen.

Following this route, we will take mythical roads such as the Pamir Highway, the Karakoram Highway, the Trans-Siberian Highway or cross a section of the Gobi Desert.
This itinerary will allow us to discover various ecosystems and take you to meet cultures far from what we know.

History of the Association: the desire to go further

Throughout our studies, with preparatory classes in biology, we realized the huge issues that weigh on the living world and the challenges that our generation has to face to preserve a balance of life for everyone.

Logically, we then have both worked in the Environment: Nathalie as a researcher specializing in lake pollution in a laboratory and Alban as a sustainable building engineer in a design office.
Seeing that our society was struggling to transform in depth, we wanted to go further, even if it meant leaving our well-traced course.

This is how we created the Wonderscope association, and this first project that accompanies it.
The association aims to bring together nature enthusiasts and allow them to share playful moments with different audiences around this subject to awaken sensitivities to the environment.

We have many ideas to continue the actions of the association and the help that you bring to us thanks to this platform is totally invested in the association.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The total budget of our project is 88 700 € and is distributed as follows:

We invest in personal contributions more than 70% of this amount.
We create partnerships with companies and sponsors for the vast majority of the remaining part.
This allows us to finance the necessary part to realize this journey (vehicle and expenses of transport, administrative procedures, insurances ...).

Where you make the difference

As you can see, the richness of this project lies in the webseries and its activities shared at the heart of Nature that make it original!
This is why it is essential for us to acquire observation tools and sports equipment to carry out the activities of Nature that we have presented to you.
And that's where your action turns out to be decisive!

According to your generosity, the association Wonderscope will be able to acquire:
- a varied material in order to be able to propose several different activities
- good quality material that will improve the level of performance and final output of these activities
- sufficient equipment to benefit all who wish to participate in the adventure on the road.

Thus :

Starting from 1500 €

You allow the Association to acquire its first astronomy kit (apochromatic lens + equatorial mount)! A big thank you from everyone who will watch stars and galaxies thanks to you!

Starting from 2500 €

In addition, Wonderscope acquires essential sports equipment to share new experiences with people who want to try out outdoor sports such as slackline, hiking (altimeter and GPS) or block climbing (slippers and mattresses)! Thank you in advance for all these smiles and this personnal development in Nature!

Starting from 3500 €

Going beyond our goal would allow the association to acquire other observation tools that would greatly enhance our activities: magnifying glasses, binoculars, photographic traps and also writing and drawing materials to transcribe these experiences of Nature!

Starting from 4500 €

Can we imagine reaching 4500 €? If you are crazy, we will be too !!
We will be able to significantly improve the quality of the equipment and bring some of them in multiple exemplaries to benefit more people!

All of your contributions are dedicated to the association and the material acquired on its behalf will continue to be used on the return of this trip since it will be used for other missions of the Association!
We already have many ideas to deepen the actions of the association and we will put all our efforts to be able to realize them.


In this project, YOU make the difference between a simple journey of committed adventure and a large-scale associative project whose webseries can help change the way people look at Nature and push for the respect of the environment at a crucial time for this subject!

So, from the bottom of the heart, a HUGE THANK YOU for your generosity !!

All the pictures figuring in this text are from us, excepting for the galaxy one, which is from Gabriel Millou.

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