Word and Colour's LIVE Art Exhibit!

Help us launch our unique art performance - a LIVE art exhibit in Montreal!

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Word and Colour's LIVE Art Exhibit!

Get placed in the centre of a creative process by watching art and fiction as it's made! 


We want to open up our unique process to the public by renting out a space for a live art performance, where an artist and writer will create a new piece in the middle of the gallery!


As with our magazine- that pairs painters with writers- an artist will create a live painting, and a writer will then write a new story based on the new art - with the words projected onto the wall as they type.


In this way, everyone in the room will be granted an exclusive access to the creative process of the artist and the writer- and will be able to purchase the resulting art, with all proceeds going to charity.


Saturday, May 30th, 7- 10 PM 

372 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Suite 527 (Le Belgo) 





Liam Lachance is the Editor of Word and Colour, and hails from Merrickville, Ontario. His first novel, Blu Swag, detailed the chemical spill that turned a forest blue. He believes in the power of fiction to destroy stereotypes and to represent 'real' people. He believes art can puncture holes in the systemic attempt to dehumanize groups of people, and aims to reduce violence while giving all people more credit.


Selections of his previous work will also be on display and up for sale - as well as the work of writers Hoda AdraJosh ElyeaJacob GoldbergLaura McPhee-BrowneCharlotte Joyce KiddLeah Mol, and Alisha Masarenhas.








Proceeds raised through silent auction of the finished art will go towards Camp Micah - a youth camp that supports youth in their passions for leadership and social justice. 







Saturday, May 30th, 7- 10 PM 


372 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Suite 527 (Le Belgo) 


Metro Place-Des-Arts







Prints for sale with writing include artists StrautniekasElianEugenia LoliLuis SipionBart SmeetsYoung Waveyand more!





Word and Colour is a collective of volunteers who believe that art and fiction can humanize and deconstruct stereotypes that exist to justify violence. We're unique: pieces of art are sent to writers, who write what the colour inspires. 


These new words are then paired with the original art, and published together as a new collaboration, several times a week- free of charge! We've published over 200 original collaborations with dozens of artists


Our volunteers make the movement possible and come in the form of graphic designers, marketing professionals, web designers, writers, and students across North America!






Want to get involved? Contact us at word@wordandcolour.com !




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All profits from the silent auction will be donated to Charity- Camp Micah, a week-long camp for students interested in peace and justice!


Your support can make this event happen! 


We need your help in everything from renting the space to paying the artist- contribute to help us make this art project come true!


Fine details


Gallery (L’espace 527, Belgo)- $ 400


Printing press of selected works (Prints on canvas, art blocks) - $ 1,300


Alcohol License - $ 80


Refreshments - $ 200


Canon LV-S3 Projector - $ 75


Advertising - $ 100 


Bookmarks - $ 40 


Paying the Artist - $ 400


Rewards - $ 200 


Paypal & kisskissbankbank - $ 200


Total$ 2995 


We're grateful to our existing community of supporters, and want you to join!  

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