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a Leader Project a Intensif is an association law 1901 created in 2003 which brings together different young people from Dourdan (France) and Essonne department with the same passion for Hip Hop culture and more specifically bboying (Break Dance). Its activity lies in sharing positive values, establishment of regular dance lessons and organization of events around HIP HOP culture. Subsequently in 2006 Inesteam Bboyz was created to represent the best dancers in Essonne on national and international competitions. It has become the anchor point of the WPS, which relies on a group recognized in France and abroad. a Humanitaria association specializes in the field of integration through sport and culture. For more than twenty years now, it has been developing numerous initiatives around this theme. It has an in-house multidisciplinary team (monitor-educator, social worker, project managers) which allows it to provide personalized support for the users monitored while simultaneously developing innovative sports and cultural projects at different scales (from local to internationally). The association remains very sensitive to all the potential offered by sport, culture and projects of a solidarity nature. She considers them as great tools for cohesion, solidarity, discovery of herself and others and strives to innovate constantly by building with all the living forces that gravitate around her. The association also offers a place of choice to young people in whom it believes, and with whom it develops projects on a daily basis. The ambassadors of tomorrow are all these young people, and in this sense, the association regularly strives to train, support and remobilize many of them by positioning them at the very heart of the projects it leads. Inseparable partner of the WPS since 2017 and partner of the 2023 edition. PROJECT MANAGER Tarik EL Gachbour a A graduate of a Master in Sports and Event Management and dancer since 2001, Tarik has traveled the world through national and international competitions but he has also worked on numerous projects as a dancer / performer and choreographer with Inesteam bboyz. Battle of the Year, Who is Who, Floor Wars, Break the Floor in France. Freestyle Session and Silverback in USA and many other European events. In 2012 he had the opportunity to dance with Vagabond, one of the most successful French groups in the world for the Final Four in Istanbul (champion's league of Basketball). In 2016 he participated in the final of the French Cup during the inauguration show of the Match Paris - Marseille at the Stade de France. a In addition, he pursues a career in events, consulting and artistic direction. In 2010 he created with some friends "The World Powermoves Series" and worked for 10 years to develop this project around the globe by creating qualifying stages as well and WPS clothing brand. a In addition to managing the WPS project, he is nowadays responsible for his own artistic event agency specializing in urban cultures: WPS Project After two successful editions of "Eight one powermoves in 2010, 2011" and the craze created around it, Intensif decided to create the official world championship of "Powermoves" flagship discipline Hip Hop culture and Bboying. The WORLD POWERMOVES SERIES was created in 2012. It is an internationally renowned event bringing together the 8 best world performers in this category. This competition was created 8 years ago in honor of the most impressive discipline in Hip Hop culture. Indeed these impressive figures are quickly identifiable by the general public. a its unique and spectacular side has made this event one of the most important ones in bboying culture, as it is rarely to get such a level of performance on the same stage. WPS 2017 Final a The contenders compete in this prestigious competition which includes international qualifiers that take place in different countries of the world. Venue : Massy - France (91) WPS WORLD FINAL Opéra de Massy - 900 Seats Sides Battles Centre culturel Paul Baillart Qualifers and dancers origins since 2010 a By making this choice, INTENSIF wishes to give a chance to strangers from underprivileged or difficult backgrounds to be able to prove themselves and show their talents in one of the biggest competitions in Hip Hop culture. We also want to share knowledge around this practice by proposing to the size of the discipline to accompany us on our various trips by offering internships to teach young practitioners and pass them on. positive values of work, health and lifestyle that accompanies sports and cultural practice. a Winner 2017 - BBOY KILL Powermoves World Champion a Hall of Fame a a The End 2010 - Corée du Sud LIL G 2011 - Vénézuela Marcio 2012 - France Pocket 2013 - Corée du Sud Pocket 2015 - Corée du Sud Kill 2017 - Corée du Sud INTERVIEW Dr. Hill international dancer, having participated several time as a dancer and judge. winner of the Mexico qualifier in 2011. He explains his vision of dance, and "Powermoves". He tells us about the importance of WPS in his career and Powermovers around the world. a World Powermoves Series 2023 a Following these qualifiers we organize the world final in Massy - France in April/May 2023 in order to design the official world champion " Powermoves " category. A rich program with workshops, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, after party under the sign of exchange and sharing. aProvisional progam 2023 Last Chance Cypher WPS 2015 - Day 2 a a World Powermoves Series Follow Us Website: FB: IG: Youtube: WPS Shop: #powermoves #bboying #flares #airflares #elbow #crazy #superheroes #dangerous #Wps #worldpowermovesseries #tobearobot #phoenixcypher #burnyourlimits #legendarymoments #worldwide #battletime #bethereorbenowhere #firemoves We expect many of you for the next edition !!! World Powermoves Series To Fight Monsterz, Be a Monster ! Contact Us

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CROWDFUNDING OBJECTIVES a Our goals for this fundraising: The first objective is to continue to evolve the discipline by ensuring WPS over the years. Give to Powermoves category an international visibility, allowing it to gain even more recognition. We want to improve our organization so that the logistics, transport and accommodation of international artists are facilitated. Put WPS Livestream in ULTRA HD MULTICAM on our Social Medias. a We also aim this year to offer a reward to each finalist of the World Finals so that we can show them our support for their hard work, training hours and sacrifices they have devoted to their art in order to get a spot in the world's largest powermoves competition. We want to get more sponsors and for this we need to set up an attractive pre- and post-event communication system that will enhance good image of the event, our artists in order to offer our sponsors and partners an attractive visibility for them as for our performers who will be put in values via its various solutions. a We hope that our project, which is so dear to our hearts, will find sympathy for you. That you will like to contribute heartlessly to the realize it, by allowing our crew, to continue helping the different artists to be able to live from their passions and offering an unrivalled show so far for this extraordinary art. NEWS : what's new thanks to crowdfunding: - Help some dancers to come and participate in the last qualifying session "WPS Last Chance Cypher" - Create a WPS Kidz category. - Set up a Bgirl exhbition battle in Powermoves WPS a Our Counterparts a a a Check out all our e-shop on


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15 € 2 WPS After Party Tickets Personalized thanks - Space during Battle - Website - Social networks A3 Poster

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20 € 2 WPS After Party Tickets WPS Stickers A3 event poster Personalized thanks - Space during Battle - Website - Social networks

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50 € 1 Place WPS World Final Sunday 2 Place WPS After Party WPS Stickers WPS 2K23 A3 Event Poster Personalized thanks - Space during Battle - Website - Social networks - 1 WPS USB Key

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For 75 € 1 Pass 3 days for the WPS 2 place WPS After Party WPS Stickers WPS A3 event poster Personalized thanks - Space during Battle - Website - Social networks - 1 WPS Caps offered

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150 € 1 Full Pass WPS WORLD FINALS + 3 Days 2 WPS After Party Tickets 1 WPS Poster Autographed by the finalists 1 WPS 2K23 t-shirt 1 WPS cap 1 WPS Backpack WPS Stickers Access Backstage + Cocktail Personalized thanks - Space during Battle - Website - Social networks

Estimated delivery: April 2023

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