Would You Be My Baby ?

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Would You Be My Baby ?

<p>Present both yourself and your project. You need to capture your audience&#39;s attention: tell them a story! Explain to them who you are, what you do (the nature of your project) and what they stand to gain by supporting you. Be clear, engaging and positive. Don&#39;t be afraid to use images, gifs or videos to illustrate your points and make your visitors even more enthusiastic about the idea of supporting you.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>This is where you demonstrate that your financing strategy is mature and well thought out. You need to be open and transparent about how you intend to use the funds raised. Here again, illustrate your requirements using diagrams/outlines and explain your various financing levels and stages, if you&#39;ve defined your strategy in that way. The credibility your explanations convey will serve to further engage your potential backers, giving them faith and confidence in your ability to see the project through to completion.</p>



  • 1 contribution
Votre nom au générique du film


  • 1 contribution
Contrepartie précédente + une affiche dédicacée en format A3


  • 5 contributions
Contreparties précédentes + un DVD du film avec bonus


  • 3 contributions
Contreparties précédentes + un calendrier des photos du film


  • 5 contributions
Contreparties précédentes + une édition collector du DVD qui inclut le roman photo qui a servi pour le film


  • 2 contributions
Contreparties précédentes + réalisation de votre roman photo personnalisé, soit une séance photo pour deux personnes + 2 impressions

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