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An inspiring and reflective magazine for a different kind of travel: Although we buy it today like any other good, a trip is not a product like any other. Dependent on external conditions, it also has ecological, economic, social and ethical consequences. Travelling is not trivial. Today the essence of the word is blurred : we no longer know how to handle it, without impacting the world. We need to relearn how to connect with the reel experience of travelling, without buying anything. This is why we created Offtrack magazine. Offtrack is about : - local stories, itineraries, interviews with those who create the travel of tomorrow....150 pages illustrated by artists and photographs ! Offtrack magazine, it ’s a quarterly meeting to talk about travel as a social issue, about it's consequences and to think about a new way of travelling. It also wants to give inspiration, and tell stories: about music, food, adventures .. Go with us on these roads ! Discover unique places, in reel life or in your imagination! We have two goals: telling the story of travel experience in a different way, and creating with our community tomorrow's new way of travelling. - Telling the story of travel means exploring its myths, its relationship with civilisations, sharing experiences from all over the world, and giving voice to locals. - Thinking about it means meeting and talking with those who have been studying it for years, analysing it and reinventing it. Staying on the move in giving you the new lines of tomorrow's travel. Offtrack magazine, a crafted and collective work If the quarterly periodicity suited us to dig into our topics, creating a printed edition seemed to be the ideal product to show our content. We conceived this issue as a book. We wanted to collaborate with journalists and contributors which approached travel under various angles: oniric, social, lyrical, human, natural... 150 pages illustrated by telented artists, illustrators and photographers! Graphically, we wanted do deliver an arty magazine, illustrated with passion by talented artists. They will drive you to unexpected landscapes ! Going away...without "good plans", without advice or beautiful retouched photos. Long articles will be combined with artistic visuals, illustrations as photography, escaping the pages to to spark your imagination! Offtrack magazine number 1 : Posted at the corner of a pandemic and an ecological & social crisis, we wanted to ask one question for this first edition: what is the best way to travel now? Since the frontiers reopened recently, this question seems currently more relevant then ever. Do we have to stop or continue travelling like we always did ? Between the ones who act for no travel, and the others who want to go away more then ever, this question divides and fascinates. Some people also want to go further and further away (tomorrow, the space?), but is this really the right question ? For this focus, we met sociologists, writers, geographers, tourism specialists... Several months to understand how travel is changing, to analyse and imagine its evolution. SUMMARY Our name is a tribute to every "offtrack" spirit and to music, which will be very present in each of our issues. Our summary is a wink to all those who create their own tempo. So we choose to build it like a vinyl. One the first side you will find the "reflection" track list, and the face B is here to inspire you : FACE A - After the gold rush": A news item dedicated to the spacial conquest - "I hate travelling": A review of Claude Levis Strauss' punchline - Adventurer, or adventurous? Let's find out your travelling temperament! Philo-test - Travelling... like we always did? Main topic - Tourism VS Travel Debate with Rodolphe Christin, french sociologist, author of "Voyager, encore? La vraie vie est ici", published in 2021. - Revenge travel, last chance travel... Will cynicism kill travel? - Is tourism all to be lost? Interview with Remy Knafou, MIT researcher and geographer, author of "Réinventer le tourisme", published in 2021. - Venice against cruise ships: Interview with the "anti-cruise" association that blocked the arrival of ships in the port of Venice last summer. FACE B - Mystery of the postcard: 130 years of postcards ! Portfolio of arty postcards made by artists from all over the world! - My Boring postcard, post by Yoann Vrignaud - The "beni-life at Unesco"? Urbex, PNL, cinema and street culture : Reportage in Benidorm, the city that wants to become a legend ! - "No guide." In each issue, discover a city through the eyes of its residents, with a personnal approach. N1: Lisbon... in music! - "Why are you leaving?" ITW of Céline Escalère, who went from Paris to China, alone by bike! We look at the meanings of travelling as a single woman. We talked about determination and culture shock - Highlighting the path in your journey: Lauriane Gepner (journalist) gets into the rhythm of the train, tells us about its powers on our imagination, and its revival in Europe. - Meet and cook! Talk with the cooks of the association Le récho ! We talk about exile, the power of cooking to bring people together, and how it maintains a link with memories and the country of origin as a refugee. - 120 Km to go back : Interview with Simone Santini and Giancarlo Brocchi, participant and founder of the Eroica race, perched in the Chianti mountains... - Echoes of Vesuvius: A flashback to an unbelievable concert: Pink Floyd's Live in the ruins of Pompeii, without any spectators! .... and many other themes to come! The Offtrack Magazine team: The Offtrack team is a community of enthusiasts, journalists, editors, photographers, designers, illustrators...working together with a same vision, and is growing every day! Founder and Editor: J-F Lacroix Jean François Lacroix created Offtrack magazine after 12 years spent in the travel industry, working for various companies. Over the years, the way of travelling evolved and he met a lot of new people, so he gradually came up with the idea of a magazine who would be outside of the traditional thinking, and break away the idea that travel is a product. Early 2021, he launched the creation of this number 1. He wants to join an online part to the paper in 2022. In association with Titia Thomann who's making alll the visual part, he is in charge of the interviews, and writing some reflective articles, as well as the music and cinema themes. Art Direction: Titia Thomann Titia Thomann is an artist and art director. After several years in a communication agency, she directed films, illustrations, visuals for brands (Cartier, Chanel, Patou, Lvmh...) as an independant, and exhibited several times as an artist. Since 2020, she has created her own studio: @Studio Cavalier. She directed and produced the entire graphic design of Offtrack magazine, from the video to the cover, including some illustrations of the first issue. She coordinates the entire artistic team involved in the Offtrack project. Journalists, editors and contributors: Lauriane Gepner, Yoann Vrignaud, Delphine Le Fleuvre, Sarah Vignale, Yael Dyens, Céline Escalère, Camille Parenthoine, Rémy Knafou, Rodolphe Christin, Candice Gattichi, Loukiana Leite, the Recho team, Simone Santini, Giancarlo Brocchi, Luigi Martines, Gaetan Joubert, Hanane Ahmed Chaouch, Xavier Golfier, and all the others who are not included! Illustrators: Irene Servillo, Mathilde Bedouet, Fleur Pinson, Mathilde Leroy, Melle A. from Big cartel, Titia Thomann Communication Social Networks: Sara Vignale

Allocation of funds

This campaign will allow this number 1 to see its birth! With only two people for the past few months, Offtrack magazine has been a real journey! An odyssey that has lasted for almost a year, and which is not over yet. Even if 75% of the content is written, there are still contributors, personalities that we would like to interview for this first issue. Your help will help us to convince them! We also need to design the magazine, pay our journalist, graphist, artists, communication, and print it. We know we have gold in our hands, but we need your help to be sure that our content will be the beautiful product we have in mind! Overall, the following is a description of our costs : Collection thresholds : - Threshold 1: 200 pre-orders A first threshold of 200 pre-orders helps us to launch this issue, but does not allow us to pay our contributors. We are therefore hoping to reach this first threshold, but we are thinking much bigger! - Threshold 2: 600 pre-orders With 600 pre-orders, we can launch this first issue and pay all those who worked for it. We can perfect the magazine's form at all levels and pay some communication and distribution... Above all, we can start dreaming about number 2! - Threshold 3: 1000 pre-orders Ou first issue is coming out very quickly, the number 2 is taking shape, and we can consider distribution in all the bookshops in France!


Demain dès l'aube !


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Prix exclusif dédié aux 70 premiers acheteurs ! Avec : - Le Numéro 1 d'Offtrack : "Voyager...comme avant ? - Le nom des 50 premiers acheteurs figurera dans ce numéro 1 ! ...Un grand merci !

Estimated delivery: December 2021

Sur la route


  • 17 contributions
- Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack Magazine "Voyager...comme avant ?" - 1 Carte postale Arty réalisée sur Papier Vinci, conçue par Fleur Pinson, artiste-illustratrice : choix entre 4 de ses oeuvres sur le thème du "Road trip" !

Estimated delivery: December 2021

Soul Kitchen


    - Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack Magazine : "voyager...comme avant ?" - Participez à 1 atelier de cuisine solidaire à l'association le Récho (adresse : 51 bvd Exelmans, Paris) Ateliers possibles (+ buffet solidaire) chaque mercredi, samedi et dimanche après-midi. Découvrez un lieu unique qui rassemble les populations accueillies et accueillantes !

    Estimated delivery: December 2021



    • 9 contributions
    - Le Numéro 1 d'Offtrack magazine - Un Tee shirt stylé illustré par l'artiste Mathlide Leroy et Logoté Offtrack !

    Estimated delivery: December 2021

    Offtrack à chaque une surprise !


    • 15 contributions
    - 4 numéros d'Offtrack magazine : abonnement d'un an. Recevez en plus du numéro 1 : - le num 2 prévu pour Mars 2022 - le num 3 prévu pour Juin 2022 - le num 4 prévu pour Septembre 2022 + Surprise ! Vous êtes inscrit d'office au concours Offtrack : gagner 1 nuit pour 2 personnes à l'hôtel "le Grand quartier" (4*) avec Petit déjeuner et cocktail sur mesure ! Le Grand Quartier c'est un hôtel à part : Ouvert dans le 10eme arrondissement il y a 2 ans, il offre une expérience urbaine unique autour de son jardin central : un hôtel accompagné du Resto Le Vacarme (Tenu par Sarah Mainguy, ex-finaliste Top chef), et d'un shop qui accueille pop up stores, ateliers créatifs, events, et concerts ! L'hôtellerie urbaine du futur : au coeur de la ville, au coeur des gens. Offre valable du 01/01/22 au 30/05/22.

    Estimated delivery: December 2021

    California Love


    • 5 contributions
    - Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack Magazine "Voyager...comme avant ?" - Une affiche "Le départ" en 30 x 42 conçue par Titia Thomann, en jet d'encre pigmentaire (valeur de base 55€) OU - Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack Magazine "Voyager...comme avant ?" - Une affiche "Swimming pool" en 30 x 42 par Mathilde Leroy (inpirée par Betty Autier), en jet d'encre pigmentaire (valeure de base 55€) Indiquez nous votre choix d'affiche en commentaire !

    Estimated delivery: December 2021

    Baie des anges


      - Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack Magazine - Une nuit 4 étoiles pour 2 pers au Deck Hôtel à Nice, à 300 mètres de la promenade des Anglais, avec Petits Dejeuners inclus et cocktail VIP de bienvenue (validité du 1er janvier 2021 au 30 Avril 2021) : OU - Toujours à Nice et pour le même prix/même standing/Même offre pour 2 personnes, à la Villa Otero :

      Estimated delivery: December 2021

      "Asleep from Day"


      • 3 contributions
      - Le numéro 1 d'Offtrack magazine. - Une affiche en impression jet d'encre pigmentaire en 100x70 (valeur intiale 300€). Cette oeuvre de Titia Thomann est une ode aux moments perdus. Elle l'a nommée du même titre qu'une chanson des Chemichal Brothers, qui rendaient eux hommage aux "endormis de la journée". Le groupe d'une ville (Manchester) le titre d'une génération, et un hommage au voyage imaginaire, rêvé.

      Estimated delivery: December 2021

      Pack Hôtel


      - 25 numéros d'Offtrack magazine "Voyager...comme avant ?" - Un livret conçu sur mesure pour votre hôtel, inséré directement dans le magazine, avec une description originale de votre établissement, et un mini guide des choses à faire dans votre quartier, le tout illustré artistiquement.

      Estimated delivery: January 2022

      Big Pack - Hôtel


      - Lot de 50 Offtrack Magazine - Un livret conçu sur mesure pour votre hôtel, inséré directement dans chaque magazine, avec une description originale de votre établissement, et un mini guide des choses à faire dans votre quartier, le tout illustré artistiquement.

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