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"Chic furniture with atypical decoration"

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Xdegrees Concept

You drink tea, coffee or any other drink ... My products are made for you !



Make 37°, a completely fun support for coffee capsules, a reality !



Thanks to your help, 37° will be able to see the light of day. Your contribution will finance a mold to make 37° into Bio-sourced plastic.


To make this project a success, I offer you (through my compensations) :

  • To put your glass or your cup on 15°, elegant and original coasters,
  • To buy in advance 37°,a fun capsules holder,
  • Or simply, make a small donation that goes straight to my heart.



You Want to know more ...



Hello, I'm Pierre,



I had always a lover of designer objects. After studying woodworking and architecture, I decided to make my passion, my job !

With the energy of my thirties, I created Xdegrees Concept, a small business in my image. I seek, I test, I create, I validate ideas and put others aside ... Sometimes creator, sometimes craftsman, sometimes manager, always thoroughly to create the best possible products.



Xdegrees Concept


Xdegrees Concept is since early 2019, dedicated to the creation of furniture and decorations. Its product development aims to combine the practicality of an object with a most pleasing aestheticism. The final creations bring joy to the various people who use this objects in their interior decoration!

The company's small workshop is located in Maine-et-Loire (49). Between Nantes and Angers.



- Products Designed and manufactured in France -

Great attention is paid to the materials used for my designs. I choose my materials according to the requirements of the product while being careful to respect our environment as much as possible.



Here is the product at the heart of the financing :


37° // Wall capsule holder


37° is a support for coffee capsules that can be assembled and modified endlessly. The basic module is 27x27cm and has 36 slots for capsules. These modules add together to form tables of different shapes and sizes. It's up to you to choose the size that suits you.



This product has ingenious openings to be able to easily put or remove the capsules at any place and at any time. Play with the colors of the capsules and have fun to create the painting of your dreams in pixel art.



37° welcomes original nespresso capsules and these competing brands. (Of course, it is impossible for me to test all the brands on the market. But all those tested, a good doozen different brands (the best known), works with this product)

This dispenser is perfectly functional on a daily basis to choose your coffee! The pleasure of having a coffee will be increased near 37 °.



37° is made in Bio-sourced plastic to best respect our environment. And to be in agreement with local development, it is developed with a partner located 15 minutes from my business. It will be available in 2 colors: black (noir) and white (blanc). (Attention, do not rely on the gray color of prototypes!). Of course, it is sold without capsules.



Product for compensations

15° // Coasters

"What could be better than coasters to match with the financing of 37° !"

15° is an assembly of elegant coasters organized in 5 forms (S, M, L, XL, XXL) to create a playful and harmonious decoration. This product is entirely made by me in my workshop.

15° is made of a mineral panel covered with a layer of cork on its lower part.

3 Collections, Damier (Checkerboard), Trajectoire (Trajectory), Vibration in White (Blanc) colors are offered in my compensations.




Why contribute?

For you :

The goal is above all to please you with compensations that I offer. Let them brighten up your interior decoration with their original and artistic touch.

For me :

I spent a lot of time designing these products and creating the identity of my company Xdegrees Concept. Validating this project first allows me to make 37°, a product that is close to my heart. Secondly, allows me to highlight all of my work and boost the development of future achievements.

15 ° and 37 ° are the fruit of my imagination and I like to think that you want to see them in your home!



If you like my project, please, let people know about it. It is really the first contribution that you can offer to me and already it will be a lot for me. Thank you !

Waar dient de collecte voor

100% achieved: Super Cool!

You like my products and it makes me happy! The collect will bring in 6000 euros intended for the purchase of the mold. See the graphic below.

(Details: 50% of the collect is intended to finance the mold. 8% is for the KissKissBankBank commission and payment costs. The rest comes back to you in counterpart)


The mold having a total value of 18,000 euros it will be financed as follows:

    The 1st part of the mold will be fully financed by this collect ;).
    Thanks to the enthusiasm of this collect, I will be able to finance the 2nd part from a bank.
    The 3rd part is financed by my own means.


Thanks !


150% achieved: Mega cool!

You love my products! I'm too happy! In addition, the mold is financed at 50% by the collect, it's really great.

Thanks !


200% achieved: I have no more words to express my joy!

You are too fan of my products! It's awesome ! The mold is fully financed, I will be able to start production as soon as possible.

You love my creations and I am touched in the heart. Enormous thanks !

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