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The fact that you are already here means a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. For many it may not be a surprise who I am; but for those who don't know me, welcome, my name is YADAM: Young Venezuelan Artist in France, Finalist of Nouvelle Star 2017.

I never thought that my participation in Nouvelle Star would be of great impact and that it would move so many people in France, Venezuela and throughout the world. In fact, I never thought I would participate in something similar, even though I always wanted to. Today you are more than 37K to follow me on my social media. I didn't imagine that my life would change the way it did and still is. It all started with my cover of "Crier Tout Bas" by Coeur de Pirate. I also sang "Im not the only one" by Sam Smith.



Since then a lot has happened, I have had the opportunity to sing and share with other artists, do interviews, travel between France and Venezuela and above all build my own musical project. It has been a long experience full of meetings, studio sessions, work, etc ... All in the quest to establish and strengthen myself as well as create the songs that make up the first EP I want to present to you.

It is not a secret that the most difficult thing has been handling this while managing my immigration process in a new country; but after a lot of effort, I will soon receive my artist's residence and will continue to dream of developing my music in France. However, since i have not yet found the label that is willing to produce me, I've had to do everything with what little I have and that has made the process longer and slower.




During the process I have been able to count on your infinite support in the form of messages and hugs and they have been my main motivation. Your stories have served as an impulse; It's still crazy to me knowing that I count on so much support in all parts of the world. I have also managed to find beautiful people who have helped me to write, compose, produce, and create the structure of the story that I want to share through my songs. Today, YADAM is 50% a reality but we're still in need of some financial aid that would allow us to pay the expenses that still have to be covered. That is why I decided to launch this campaign.




The project relates my point of view to the fact that nothing in life is sure, that everything changes and that in a certain way it is inevitable. It consists of songs that express the different emotions that can be felt and the reactions that one can have during this repetitive process that seems eternal in our lives. It's the most sincere thing I've been able to create; because it allowed me to discover and express what I had stored inside me and because what I most want as an artist is to be transparent so that we can connect emotionally through music. I love you all very much and I hope you want to be part of this project.

I promise you my eternal gratitude, my eternal fight, love and honesty.




Waar dient de collecte voor

The Kiss Kiss Bank Bank collection will be used to produce my first EP. Record the music (which means to pay for the studio, the sound engineers, the mastering and mixing process as well as the musicians), create the image (official photos, graphics,EP cover, film acoustic sessions and the official music video ...) and handle the promotion (marketing ...).

This is an idea of the distribution of expenses:


For now, the goal of € 10,000 should allow us to produce a first part, but not all. That is why your generosity will also allow us to go even further: It would allow us to organize concerts and showcases, have the EP printed in physical, make several music videos ... maybe even produce a whole album!

There is no limit, I will receive the integrality of the money received and I promise to show you the product of the investments you have helped me make.

For example here's what we can do :

  • STEP 1 : 10 000€

With this amount, we're going to produce my first EP, in an acoustic and studio version. Film acoustic sessions and a first video.

I will also be able to work with a PR to help me present this project to more people.

  • STEP 2 : 20 000€

With 20 000€, we will be able to shoot a second music video, and new pictures. I can also raise the production budgets (to involve additional musicians), as well as boost promotion and marketing costs.
I will also be able to make  physical pressing of the EP that I can send to all contributors (above 30€) !!

  • STEP 3 : 50 000€

That's a budget that can help me produce a full album, and shoot a new music video !

The start of a brand new adventure, thanks to you !!

In addition to your help, I decided to donate part of the money received to an organisation called LEATHER HEART that contributes to the well being and feeding of children and families in difficult social and economic situations in Venezuela. Venezuela is my home, and even though my future is now elsewhere, my desire is to be able to provide as much as I can to help those who are still in my country through my music.


With each donation a stuffed animal will be given to a child in venezuela and at least 5 plates of food will be given to a family that doesn't have enough to eat.

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