Yasmin Pigeon's 1st EP

a fake fairy tale & a true story

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Yasmin Pigeon's 1st EP

"Falling in love.

To rise, upset, sore, dispossessed.

A night that will count for life.

Lisbon as a backdrop.

Cidade da luz, city of light.

City of the 7 hills, like so many roller coasters that shake the heart and body of a 20-year-old who falls in love.

A story of dazzling but unrequited love.

An initiation rite corresponding to the transition from carefree adolescence to adulthood.

A boy with blue eyes, seen, lost to follow-up, found, embraced, loved, and left in the early hours.

Here is 004, Yasmin Pigeon's 1st EP, the beautiful, simple, and tragic adventure of her first love-at-first-sight."

My name is Yasmin Pigeon. I was born in November 97 between a dance floor and a DJ booth. Brazilian by my mother, French by my father, I’m from Paris and lived in London through my adolescence.

I've been singing, composing, and writing music since the age of 16, and often found myself creating films that would go with it, just so I could dive completely into my own world.

It all started about 3 years ago. I was nineteen, living alone in the north of London, impatiently looking for a purpose. I was in that terrible transition stage from not really needing to pursue school anymore but still having to aimlessly attend - nonetheless.

At the same time, I had found a job that required me to carry around my camera 24/7, and one day as I was leaving work, I decided to take it out of my bag and film all of my thoughts & feelings.

That day, I promised myself to stop bullshiting and focus on things that gave me a real sense of purpose.

A few months went by and I started making videos, 1, 2 then 3 videos with a nice balance of image and sound just the way I like them to be.

And then, we finally arrived at the time to make the 4th video.

It's now February 2018 and two of my best friends, my sister and I, decide to go to Lisbon.

I, of course, bring my camera, my true accomplice

One evening, as we leave a club on the pink street, my eyes meet those of this boy, and instantly, my world stops. 

In the cab, on our journey home, I tell the girls how I feel. Chloé, always willing to turn something into a film, looks at me and tells the cab driver to turn back around.

Within a few minutes, I have found myself back in front of the club. I approach the security guy to ask if he knows where the pretty blue-eyed boy was at that very moment in time...

The tall man takes a while to take me seriously but finally says that he’ll go get the boy but on one condition - that I promise to kiss him when he gets here.


He arrives.

We kiss.

And the rest is ...

the EP!

After making videos ‘001’, ‘002’, and ‘003’, this trip to Lisbon, was planned as the video '004’. Just another one.

But it didn’t really happen that way. The intimate upheaval linked to these 4 days spent in Lisbon and my obsessive reflection around the creation and my ability to produce led me to want to keep this gem for something bigger.

I wanted to go further than usual and really believe in every voice memo and every line written in my notes after spending these 4 days in Lisbon - perhaps as a way for me not to forget what had happened and how that night had left me feeling.

Waar dient de collecte voor

& here we are now, a little over 2 years later. Now that enough time went by in order to fully process, turn the page, go out, meet people who really understand what this EP is about and how it needs to come to life.

No labels or structure but only great, really talented people who deeply respect where I want to go and what kind of music I want to make, and that alone, makes me extremely happy.

However, to get there, it comes at a cost. This dream of mine cost 4,800 €

& this amount will be spent as follows:

500 € - Sound recording

1800 € - Mixing

640 € - Mastering

1460 € - Manufacture of the vinyls

(+ 8% KissKiss fees).

Now that this first level has been reached, if your contributions allow it, we could even shoot my first music video that I budgeted at 2,400 €.

And as foreseen in crowdfunding, each contribution corresponds to a reward. They are detailed to you on the right of the screen.

If you believe in me, I will not disappoint. promise.



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