Yoga with Usha

Aide à l'achat de matériel de yoga pour apporter plus de confort lors de séances guidées de Hatha Yoga.

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Yoga with Usha

Hello, I am Jessica, certified with a 200 hours of Hatha Yoga since July 2019. I did my training at “Circle Yoga Shala” in Arkansas during my relocation in the USA. Back in France for a year, I want to start my activity as a yoga teacher in September 2021 in Oloron Ste Marie and Pau. I will have the opportunity to teach once a week in a company and in a school to middle and high school students. I want to buy yoga equipment in order to offer my future students a comfortable practice. The material would be: mats, blocks, belts, blankets and bolsters. Practicing yoga with the help of props is very important to me because the practice can be done with more stability and props are a great help for flexibility. Thank you for taking the time to read me, as well as for giving me a little help to provide optimum comfort during my lessons. *Usha is the spiritual name given to me during my ashram experience in Colorado. Usha, of Sanskrit origin, means dawn, sunrise.

Allocation of funds

The fund will be used to buy yoga equipment, ideally 10 yoga mats, 10 blocks, 10 blankets, 10 belts and 10 bolsters. The purchase of this material will be done through the Tayrona Yoga website, their products are mainly made in Europe, and this company supports the association "Tchendukua - Here and elsewhere". When you order is placed, a tree is planted in Colombia to help the Kogi Indians to reforest their forest.


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Estimated delivery: October 2021

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Estimated delivery: November 2021


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