3 belges au perou

Liège, Belgium

Olivier, alias Gandhi. 21 years old. Beside being a ginger once in a while, he is a very nice young man, always in a good mood and always there for a good laugh ! If there is one thing Gandhi likes mone than anything, it's football (the european one ;-) ) ! But also to EAT ! He also likes to brew beer now and then, but he is not giving up, one day, he'll find THE recipe that is going to make him rich ! ;-) And then comes Mathilde, also known under the sweet name of Jolly. 23 years old. She's the artist of the group, drama is really important to her. One of her dreams would be to give drama lessons to the children of the favelas in Brasil… who knows ? Maybe one day she will hold conferences all over the world showing the succes of her NGO ;-) And finally, there is me, Claudia, also known as Fisher (hell yeah we are a group of cool guys having sick nicknames #Awesome). If you don't want to be confused between Jolly and I, it's easy to make the difference, I wear glasses ;-) So I really like music, and to tell jokes (but not as funny as the ones that Jolly tells !). I'd like to save the world. That's my plan A. If not, I'm planning on travelling with my guitar telling funny stories to make the world a better place… But I still hope that plan A will work. We are all students in our last year of study in International Cooperation in Liège, Belgium !