Ania S

Paris, France

Currently working as an IT consultant, my passion about video always comes back to me in a way. You know passion, that activity that you can't stop once you started, that gives you energy that you did'nt even believe was possible, that makes you forget about all the rest. Well, that's it. This is why I always want to keep it as a passion, not as a profession. On this long way to master an art on my own, the only way to learn is by doing things. And by making Instant T, I am learning and I will probably learn a lot, if you give me this chance. I want to be every time more precise, more efficient with this powerful tool that video is, in order to express better and better my deep feelings and thoughts about this world that we live in. So please give me this chance, and support this short movie that will talk about the way that time flows and how we accept it, nostalgia, choices, feelings, and much more... Support the first try of an independant director, who has never done a projet that sophisticated before. Of course, the movie will also have subtitles in English.