Hello everyone, i'm Thomas, I'm 32 and I live in Southern France, Perpignan exactly A graduate of a traditional BTS (degree), I am above all a great hard worker. It has been three years since I developed this big project on my shoulders. Start from simple single blank page, I managed to find and mobilize the right people around me, a very small team that supports me and trusted me all this time. So I'm ability to make and carry out this project since its development in the true sense of the term is almost finished. This is a very big project in terms of time, personal investment, technical data (hundreds of pages), all of these features and this was done on a small-limited scale, with your support: the Elseplay can potentially collect a lot of world, give him the chance to exist, same if you donate a small amount, because with this the Elseplay will be also your website and the people who use it will thank you