Bettina Armandi-Maillard

Born in 1986, Bettina Armandi-Maillard grew up surrounded by painters and paintings. Passionate for modern and contemporary art, she has interned in the art industry while completing her studies in cinema. A lover of literature, she finds great inspiration in words and language. It is through writing and directing that she has found the ideal means of expression. She has been creating short films in mini DV or Super 8 as well as more fictional works from the age of 17. After her studies at university and then film school, she directed her first short, LA’S ANGEL, shot on-site in Los Angeles in 2012, followed by CRACK OF DAWN, filmed in New York City in 2013. These two films are part of a trilogy of shorts that bring together aspects of video art rather than cinematic expression. Bettina Armandi-Maillard blends images and text with fiction in order to communicate the intimate experiences of her characters, aiming to come closest to their thoughts and emotions. Her films sometimes take a form far from classical cinema, where cinematographic tools (voice-off, double exposure, etc) are used to investigate intimacy. Cinema can examine the minute; it has the power to make what is distinct into an absolute – these are ideas that are central to Bettina’s work.