We are two friends, Vanessa and Celine, sharing the passion for sport, and the desire to live our dreams instead of dreaming our lives, so we decided to team up to take part in "Amazon Raid" 2016. This adventure, for girls only, is a sport challenge, including passion and solidarity, it has been created by Alexandre Debanne, who is a sports addicted and a long time globe trotter as well, in order to give the opportunity to others to discover magical places on Earth. This adventure is built upon good mood, helping each others and life values that all of us who participate, are deep inside of us. We invite you to check their website for more details. In addition, we have chosen to support "Cent Familles" a French charity organization that helps kids in need in France (orphans and those who have parents that can't raise them correctly for several reasons). We are looking for sponsors to help us in our quest. To pay our subscription, and any additional cent will be given to the charity. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or details Burning Heart Team - Vanessa and Celine