C'est comme ça!

Montpellier, France

When working together on the last project « Courts d'école » of the theatre company « Pourquoi pas nous », Catherine Ropert -fondator and actress in the compagnie- and Juliette Alay -cinema student taken on the project- discover Peryukatiparai, a little fishermen village near by Pondichery. From this encounter the envy of a film is born... Not one, neither two, but three villages shall be the heart of a documentary film... ----Catherine Ropert---- Professional comedian for 25 years, i was always attracted by the place and impact that the creativ impulse produce on individuals. For about 15 years i have been developping projects linked to childhood : who through art can find keys to build oneself, exchange, share, communicate, grow... I am a self-taught-woman which enabled me to develop my curiosity sense of constant learning and to be in constant link with my creativ source. The pictures' world is a new adventure that animate me... To share without moderation. ----Juliette Alay---- Born in 1988 in a musician family, i was always interested by art, images and shows. Since my young age i have been practicing painting and music (guitar, vocals, choir, opera, rock band) to finally come to video in the 2000's. After quite a few amator short films and my baccalauréat diploma in hand, i start a cinema study finished with exellence in 2012, with a Master degree of research on the art of filming others in documentary films. Simultaneously i still make short films (« The secrets' tree », « For a cruciform screwdriver ») and participate in differebt kind of creativ projects. I now live in Copenhagen where i discover nordic lifestyle, danish language and the art of working with kids in the local french school !