C'est Comment

Paris, France

C'est Comment works with artists, creatives and project managers to promote research, training, originality, creativity and collaboration within the performing arts and international creative collaborations. Providing targeted services to match to the specific needs and requirements of each project, C'est Comment is able to work efficiently and in close collaboration with their partners, offering a variety of services and suitable partnership options. From financial support to general project management, C'est Comment's contribution can be made on any level of involvement and is defined by its collaborative approach. Through its project management, production, and administrative skills, C'est Comment mostly supports the development of artistic or cultural endeavours carried out by associations, companies or independent artists in West Africa, but also collaborates with France, Brazil and the USA. Established in 2013 by Vincent Delègue, Lila Greene (EEG-Cowles Foundation, USA), Dominique Nicolas Fioraso and Jean Daniel Magnin (Théâtre du Rond Point, France), C'est Comment first acted as a business partner to ventures already supported by the EEG-Cowles Foundation since 2010. Today, C'est Comment also develops its own programs.