Cécile Mestelan

Lisbon, Portugal

Cécile Mestelan (b.1988) born in Bayonne, France, currently lives and works in Lisbon. Graduated in 2013 at ECAL/ Master of European Art Ensemble in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her work is driven by a exhaustive and nonchalant research of a minimalist geometric atmosphere. This body of work is translated onto various mediums of matter from plaster, marble, ceramics or photographs and drawings. Her influences include the endless column of Brancusi, the Kachina dolls, primitive art and the art brut painter Augustin Lesage. In a society surrounded by objects Cecile’s work reinvents our relationship to immaterial artefacts in a poetic and free to interpret way. The meaning is left one to one’s interpretation bounced in a discreet and elegant dialogue. It is not about being seen but rather about individuals getting closer to a small sculpture, physically small and significantly big. It is for the aura. The small ceramic sculptures uninhibited carry a minimalist primitivism seem to reveal some kind of witchcraft of the present. See the work at Johanssen Gallery Berlin : http://www.johanssen-gallery.com/gallery-artists/cecile-mestelan/