Damoiselle Blanche-Neige & Olya OFlynn

Tromsø, Norway

Damoiselle Blanche-Neige: Artist-creator with an atypical inner world, she had the opportunity to set up various small exhibitions in her native city, Strasbourg (France). Until now, her art was mainly focused on creations preaching continuity of animal life, mainly through various jewelry and accessories, as well creating photo scenery, always filling this touch of dark romanticism mingled with elegance, thus enabling to travel in her poetical and oneiric universe. Housed in Northern Norway for almost 1 year, it is time for her to implement the wealth of inspiration that this Nature Land has put into her, through a very different artistic work that her previous creations, but whose the continuity is intended to an certain and expected evolution . It is also in Tromsø that she did the fabulous meeting of her new muse and artistic partner, Olya OFlynn. Olya OFlynn: Photographer who takes deep interest in revealing the hidden life of things (subject photography), and creating fairytale illusionary scenes (art photography). Using photography as a method of life perception, Olya explores the world with her own vision of how it functions. The North of Norway, which became Olya’s home for the years of studying, has gifted her with new inspiration and fresh artistic ideas to be implemented. This exceptional meeting between the two artists is a complicity which will allow them to combine their creative and innovative artistic ideas through the mediums that they both use and master.This project, beyond an artistic achievement, is also the symbolic realization of a strong and sincere friendship.