Emmanuelle, de My Little Picbook

Paris, France

I am an entrepreneur, a kind of "builder", and I discovered this precisely by undertaking! I had this little voice that whispered to me that it was the good way for me, then I started. And the more time passes, and the more the evidence is there: I can not consider a life without imagining, projecting, creating ... Well, to undertake ! Always taking care to build something unique, which brings a real added value to everyone. Passionate about travel, of course I am. But finally it says a few about who I am ... Actually, what interests me trough traveling is the meetings, the atmospheres, the culinary discoveries, the immersion in an new environment (literally as figuratively). Much is said about travel and one thing is clear : it opens the mind and is the key to a more tolerant world. Today, I need your help. If you believe in this product and this project just like me, help me bring it to life and make it grow. I'm sure if you have gone through all these lines, it is because you are a traveller, whatever its "shape" :)