Paris, France

Charline LAPIERRE is a fashion designer. She is currently working for the brand tohe, she loves. A social enterprise that helps underprivileged children through arts and creator of accessories, decoration and clothing where children's drawings are used as prints. She loves to play with colors, laugh with people and make memory boxes filled of surprises! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Louis-Marie is a multidisciplinary freelance designer SCHULTHESS under the name "The Little French" and polyvalent artist with the pseudonym "D-Kraft". Cardboard and paper are his favorite medium. It operates in Hanoi for 2 years in the packaging, decoration and product creation. He likes to touch material, working asleep and have crazy projects! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ChaCha & Loulou in couple for 2 years. Amateur photographers and urban safarists, they love their cameras, the city of Hanoi and their travel.