Beijing, China

Based in China and specializing into Asia, People, Corporate & Industrial photography. With the experience, I developed integrity, technical expertise, sensitivity, and the flexibility needed to bring the studio quality on location-anywhere, using 35mm to 13x18 in traditional and alternative processes such as Ambrotype, Cyanotypes, Van Dyke. Available for Editorial, Magazine, and Documentary projects. Member of the “FCCC - Foreign Correspondent Journalists in China”, also co-founded the “Associated China Foreign Photographers – ACFP”, a non-profit organization that has for objective to develop friendship and professionalism in photography, photo reportage and furthermore to help the promotion of photography as a profession and as an Art in China. Working on assignments, numerous publications in Aisia have used Christian Jacques’s photography in the domain of Travel, Lifestyle, Luxury, Yachting, Golf and extreme sports. References: 2010 First Morocco photo exhibition in China, sponsored by Morocco Embassy in China 2011 Exhibition " The Train of Yunnan" Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong 2013 Serie "A day in the life at Morning Tears" Exhibition beijing and auction sales of photographies to the benefit of Children. 2014 Exhibition "The Train of Yunnan" Toulouse (France)