I Love the Seaside, the Surf & Travel guide

I Love the Seaside is a small team of ocean-loving professionals – writers, photographers and designers; passionate about travelling and surfing. Alexandra Gossink – Editor and concept. Between surf trips, travelling as a journalist and creating travel guides, she blogs about her hometown and puts serious effort into maintaining a healthy, happy laptop-life balance (write, surf, yoga, write, sleep). Dim Rooker – Designer and concept. Gets his inspiration from the ocean. Besides designing and working on concepts for local brands and breweries, surfboard builders, books and websites at his harbour office, he loves to take his family on van-adventures and his sons surfing. Geert-Jan Middelkoop – Production, research, concept and distribution. Able to do his procurement and consultancy work from the campervan. When he’s not on a surf trip, he’s planning one. And then there are the people we can’t do without: Melchior van Nigtevecht – Photographer. Waterperson, loves to ride waves with anything from hand board to log. Shoots surf and lifestyle pictures for magazines and stock. Marinus Joris – Photographer. Enjoys surf in and out of the water, camera in hand. Able to capture atmosphere and mood like no other. Gail Bennie - Co/Copy-Editor and proofreader. Portugal-based surfer girl from the island of Jersey, working on all sorts of writing projects. Easily distracted by the waves. Frank van Leeuwen – Filmer/Editor. Creative, easy-going, no-nonsense surfer, dad, and music aficionado. Can tell a story in just a few shots.