My passion for desserts goes way back when I was just a little boy, playing with everything at hand to conceive my very own surprising creations. One night, 3 or so years ago, I had this dream: I was running several sorbet boutiques all over the world and people were pushing to enter. This dream gave me the final impulse to realize my passion and ignited the launch of my sorbets and ice creams. I knew additional training was required in order to provide an exceptional product. It was at Le Nôtre (Paris) that the alchemy began. Once tasted, people got addicted to my flavors. Since then, my client portfolio didn’t cease to grow, with a 99% conversion rate from prospect to ordering clients. Among them are the most prestigious hotels and restaurants from Brussels and its surroundings. At the beginning my intention was to launch a line of sorbets with specific virtues: relaxing, energizing or even a sorbet that helps during digestion. This concept proves not to be viable, so most basic questions like market potential and product threshold could not be answered positively. From that moment on I decided to mainly focus on my imagination, to explore the most creative tastes and flavors. This approach has opened doors to a larger market, most notably to mid level restaurants (selling quality products with accessible prices), hotels, tea-rooms, bars, chocolatiers, confectioneries, pastries, fresh juice and smoothies stores, night stores and night clubs. My target is to give a real meaning to the word ‘perfume’ of sorbets and ice creams. The name ‘Droeshaut’ has to stand as a synonym for ‘perfumer of the mouth’, its products have to be marketed like high fashion luxury items which is, in my opinion, a novel and unexpected approach. I also like to stress on the notion of ‘Maitre Sorbetier’ which has a much higher impact rather than ice cream creator, since sorbets are linked to fine cuisine and luxury, while ice cream on the other hand is perceived as more common and easy to come by. Today’s market situation offers either light products with a lack of taste and limited flavors or heavy calorie ice creams of dubious quality. Droeshaut’s products offer the best of both worlds: refined gastronomy with healthiness. This combination has proven to be of great interest for the European market.