A born entrepreneur, a technology and a fashion aficionado, I used all the money I had saved up in this project because I believe in it and I do not think of being the only one ; -)! After completing my engineering degree in 2009, I decided to leave one year in Australia to improve my English and to discover a country. There, I did my first company in industrial supply. Back in France, I was an IT project manager. Project management allowed me to carry out Indilis project. It had been two years since I was on Indilis project. Indeed, in February last year, I left the partner with whom I had to begin the adventure. Thus I needed one year more to polish up the business plan, look for funds, recruit a seamstress, and begin the adventure. The financial research was not very successful. So I started the company by myself. Indilis was born in January of this year. Today I am here because I need your help to continue the story of the company.