Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, France

Maybe you already know iZap4u and if it’s not the case, here is a short summary : For almost 3 years now, the iZap4u adventure started, first on Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/iZap4u) then for 2 years on the website (www.iZap4u.com) and already 150 Zaps have been released (if you don’t know what is a Zap, take few minutes to watch one here : http://www.izap4u.com/zap/). Zap is a compilation of videos taken from the internet with different themes, from the documentary to everyday videos including sport and unusual ones. It last between 40 et 60 minutes and a new episode was released every week. Certain Zaps have reach almost 1,5 millions views on Youtube and those released on the website reach between 40 et 60.000 views. Other programs have been added in the past few months, like compilations by theme, home made videos (http://www.izap4u.com/les-entrailles-du-zap/) or videos that groups societal topics sequences together (http://www.izap4u.com/society/). There is also a part of the website that groups quotes from public figures (http://www.izap4u.com/la-juste-phrase/) and an other one where you can find articles (http://www.izap4u.com/actualites/). Playlists by theme are also available (http://www.izap4u.com/la-playlist/).