Uzès, France

Based in Uzés, in the Gard region, Studio 22 generates bespoke furniture, prototyping and interior design. With focus on residential application we work directly with the client and in collaboration with the project architect. We also seek collaboration with manufacturing brands and design firms. 
 In unique or limited editions we build objects to maintain their appeal over the years. Our design ethic is to create pieces that blend quietly into their environment, neither imposing nor invisible, just simple balance of matter and form. Our projects are essentially hand made and the artisan touch is appreciated in the finer details. With preference for French wood, all panels and timber used in the workshop are certified and traceable. Species and aspect are chosen specifically for each project in regards to the design and the use of non toxic finishes ensures a sound cycle of life. The company is owned and operated by Jakob Hartel with each product designed and developed in house through research, prototyping and industrialization. Jakob studied film at San Francisco City College and Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Arts and Design in Vancouver B.C. He has been a professional cabinetmaker since 2004. The company also invites dialogue with fellow designers and artisans with interventions including porcelain ceramics by Clotilde Le Grand and leather work by Julian Fleishl, creator of the Double Goose leather jacket.