Julie Thissen

Born in Rotterdam in 1989, Julie Thissen is a product designer with both the French and Dutch nationality. She grew up on three continents, travelled all around Europe during her studies and after graduating she finally settled back in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to kick off her professional life. During her studies in the field of product design she joined the international study program «Master of European Design» (MEDes), in parallel to her education at the Parisian school Ensci-Les Ateliers. This program enabled her to study one year at the academy of fine arts of Stuttgart in Germany and one year at the university of fine arts of Helsinki in Finland. Julie then gained professional experience at the product design studios of François Azambourg and Chris Kabel, before graduating in Paris in 2013. Since the summer of 2013, she lives and works in Rotterdam. You can find a selection of her work on the following link : www.juliethissen.com