L'équipe de L'AVANT GARDE

Paris, France

Fouzy Mathey (FR): Project Manager and Co-Author (Head of the Avant-Garde) Director of The Avant-Garde, she studied business management with Lilya Sabatier. She lived in China, South Africa, Namibia and England and worked in cultural management and ESS (Social Solidarity Economy). Her passion for music led her to imagine this project with Lilya Sabatier. She is at the heart of the project. Lilya Sabatier (FR): Project Manager and Co-Author (Member of the Avant-Garde) Entrepreneur, photographer, young filmmaker she was born and raised in India an then travelled and lived throughout the world enriching her vision and creativity. During her career, she was taken to live in Spain, France, the USA and South Africa. She directed her first short film "I am ... Jodie," presented at the Nikon Festival in January 2014 and selected for two European festivals. She also made 3 music videos for a young emerging artist. She recently completed her second short movie, Lady A and conducted a series of photographs for the brand State of Grace Workshop.