La Bohème

Who are we ? My name's david, I'm French and I'm an English teacher in France (singer-guitar player, painter, crazy about organic gardening, and first of all I'm a pilgrim...). And right in the middle of my fourth pilgrimage on Santiago de Compostella ways this summer 2014, it seemed obvious to some pilgrim friends (# see below) and I that we had to change our lives, live them on and devote them to the Way. I am currently working as a teacher, I love my job, but I'm fed up with the National Education big machine. So that I bought a house to rehabilitate on the pilgrimage of santiago. It is located in Santa Catalina de Somoza, a little village with less than one hundred houses. There is a lot of work in the house (as you can see on the pictures below...) but it has a great potential of 260 m2 of living space and an 80 m2 internal patio. # My pilgrim friends : Michal (Polish , graduated in management) ; Karolina (Polish, graduated in tourism) ;  Sebastian (Danish carpenter) ; Elisa (Flamish Belgian, piano teacher and specialised in horses) ; Julien (French sound technician + gardener) ; Maria (German photographer) and Denis (specialized in human permaculture).