Hi my name is Giancarlo and I shot my first (homemade) movie at 12 :) I cannot remember what camera I used. It wasn’t even mine; it belonged to the father of a friend. What I do remember is that it was probably a VHS camera and size/weight-wise it was not exactly the most practical model for a 12yo. Back then I had no idea that what I was doing would someday become my profession. However, my passion for video making and photography has always been there, if not stronger. After having acquired my Master diploma in Political Science and Diplomatic Affairs, I started working as communication specialist, for both commercial companies and the public affairs sector. During this period, I made up my mind to further pursue my passion for visual arts and devoted most of my after-work hours to the study program at the School of Visual Arts “Agnes Varda”. In my last year of study, I participated in three short-movies projects as Director of Photography. In addition, I work as freelance photographer and video-maker with organisations, companies and individuals, in collaboration with an extended network of professionals. The name Laevinio is inspired by my grandfather Lavinio (which is pronounced ‘Levinio’ in the Italian dialect of my region). I have never met him as he passed away shortly before I was born – we missed each other for less than 3 months. Ever since then I have never stopped wondering what we would have in common, and which part of my personality comes from him. Because of this, Laevinio to me means curiosity, research and constant drive for creating something better – What it could be if you only dare to try. Giancarlo Rocconi