Mat Desaphie

December 1999, I was about to turn 19 when I decided to create SEN NO SEN with no plans, just that same feeling like when you are leaving for a long trip : you need to do something fun, you know it’s going to be exciting but have no ideas of what to expect. It has started with a simple range of t-shirts, sweaters and stickers but above all it appears to be the beggining of an amazing human adventure full of wonderful people meetings, journeys and projects all handle together at the same time. Thanks to SEN NO SEN we have been able to make movies, organize parties and competitions, help and support independant projects while launching every year a new collection. These collections get refined season after season and are now fully hand-made in the best european factories. With its authentic and alternative values the brand is now reaching a broader public. When you are travelling the best things are never mentioned into travel books and beautiful meetings are always made at random. And this is how everything works for SEN NO SEN since 15 years now.