Moment To Moment

So what happens when a cleaning freak, a depressive whose wife just left him and a freshly divorced poker fan who only thinks about having a good time find themselves in the same apartment? A comedy by Neil Simon. Directed by Frank Totino (Canada), The odd couple boasts an European cast, one Englishman (Keith Farquhar), two Dutch speaking Belgians (Jan Debski and Evelien Den Tandt) and six French actors (Yannick Farquhar, Maxime Plaisantin, Emanuel Courtieu, Victor Gelis, Seth Young Ruiz, Romain Bressy). Théâtre acte 2 32 bis Quai Arloing 69009 Lyon (Métro Valmy) 20th and 21st November 2015 1st part: "Sexualité perversity and other short plays" by Mike Folie at 8.00PM "The odd couple": 9.00pm Prices: 16€ : Full price 14€: Concessions (job seekers, groups of 10 people or more, senior) 13€: RSA, students, under 26, actors The play will be performed in English.