Naga Collective

Naga Collective is a Belgian company founded by four artists graduated of the Lido de Toulouse and ESAC in Brussels: Norwegian fearless strongwoman Mari Stoknes, Italian hurricane of optimism Viola Baroncelli, Finnish sassy freak Jatta Borg and Mexican geek with attitude María José Cázares. Though our roots are multiple, Naga Collective embodies the spirit of Brussels, where most of our team is based; plural, mixed and vibrant, it is a melting pot only strengthened by the diversity in its heritages and the backgrounds of its members. Our goal is to create a sensitive, explorative kind of circus, one that enters dialogue with other artistic forms and allows us to twist and rediscover our own disciplines and reinvent our work. We aim to create projects that can travel beyond borders and are both bold and playful. Hence with our name. Inspired by the Spice Girls and the naga jolokia pepper, our name emphasizes our will to defy, mock and rebel against the myth that female artists necessarily speak about femininity, and feminine collectives are automatically “girly”.