Patrice Goldberg

Paris, France

My name is Patrice Goldberg and I shoot up and since the age of 9 years, but the circumstances of life have not allowed me to do my job. Still I've never really lost sight of the craft show becoming accounting companies in the audiovisual and cinema for 30 years and jazz musician for 25 years (CD, scene, shot ..). I do a lot of traveling (Brazil, Cuba, North Africa, India, Malaysia), learned a few languages ​​and met many peoples of the world. Following dismissal three years ago I decided to cross the ford and devote myself more professionally in my passion as a filmmaker. Some recordings of performances, small short film documentary on my travels and editing a documentary film 90 minutes giving me the urge to tell the unique story that I suggest you follow. If the project reaches half the purpose of collecting requested before May 25, 2013, it will enter the "First Camera" proposed by Capa and press AB productions, among others. The film, after being selected, see his collection auctioned the remaining half by the contest organizers and will be accompanied throughout his epic creative with their editorial teams. These will last their means of production available to the creators to distribute their literature on antennas and their networks. So I count on you for allowing me to make this film that pays tribute to all the emigrants who contribute to the wealth of our country and, who knows, will resonate in your own story.