Resta-Jay Percussions

The Resta-Jay Percussions society makes percussion mallets since 1989 for percussionists worldwide. In 2011, the construction of a new workshop increases the possibility of tailor-made models, and in 2015, the organization of an international festival has allowed the emergence of new projects. Listening to the needs of the percussionist, beginner or professional, we always create products adapted to each personnality. The company has a dynamic commercial fame, several awards and labels: -The EPV label, Living Heritage Company awarded by the French state, which prime the excellent rare and renamed know-how. -The First prize of comprehensive innovation strategy in the competition "stars et métiers", -The Price of the best online sales site delivered by the digital trophy -Creative Labourgogne has chosen Resta-Jay as ambassador to reward our expertise, our creativity, our local and international influence. Today present in 120 countries, our mallets radiate in qualitative music market. The atelier has the chance to receive musicians from around the world (Europe, Asia and America), and it's important to participate to the democratization of percussion. This project will create exchanges and events linking all this artistic universe!