Retro Touring

Passionate specializes in the history of roads and the Linas-Montlhery Autodrome, I start with several Friends enthusiast magazine Route Nostalgie from 10 years, to talk about roads, gas stations, advertising, and all objects of the automotive world. Personally, I am prodject leader of web projects. Following meetings with many authors and makers of AMAFL, we created the guide and we wanted to give new impetus to the project, based on what exists in the U.S., with more than tourism for ancient roads like Nationale 7, Route Napoleon, Alp Roads, Route 66, ... and rediscover the heritage of automotive museums. For switch to the digital version we need to invest in new DTP software, new materials, we also have translation cost, website hosting, travel cost,... For example InDesign CS6 costs about 950 Euros. This collection complements our own investments that are about 5000 Euros per year mainly self.