Sing or Die Karaoke

Marseille, France

We love dressing up , dancing like dafties , rolling about on the floor and singing our heads off.... and we like doing it with other people.! Sing or Die Karaoke started off life in Berlin with the magnificent Marilyn Mongol and for six years now we've been karaoking in all our well loved spaces and places in Marseille, but also (amongst many others) - in a forest clearing in the Cevennes mountains, a supermarket in Martigues , at the International Fair of Marseille , at Fuck Reading festival in London, Forté Prenestino in Rome, a benefit gig for the migrants on La Plaine, and many many others . The common denomintor = "No Shame" , everyone is welcome , just to do what they want how they want to ...the crazier the better. We want to keep doing this and more which is why we decided to find a home base here in Marseille.