Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Tech Kids Academy offers a genuine alternative solution on the after-school program market, with creative computing workshops for kids and teens who are enthusiastic about computer science and eager to learn and have fun with new technologies: code, create and innovate will be as easy as child's play! #passion #imagination #creation #innovation Tech Kids Academy is really going to revolutionize the world of digital natives with its disruptive offer. ___________________________________________________________________________ Alexandra BERNARD - Founder & CEO ___________________________________________________________________________ Computer science enthusiast since my early age, my career led me to different positions in IT companies and communication agencies, working as a consultant for customers concerned by their digital transformation. With over 15 years experience in web marketing, project management, consulting in strategy of communication, and the design and production of digital platforms, I now wish my skills and expertise in new technologies to benefit our kids' future. #education #digital #code #kids ___________________________________________________________________________ Tony BASSETTE - Co-founder & CTO ___________________________________________________________________________ Co-founder of the association for the promotion and defense of free software (April), I've been working almost 20 years in IT companies, as a system administrator, project manager and software architect for major account customers. I am a real Swiss army knife in free software and computer science savvy in multi subjects (administration, programming, music, design...). I have this belief that knowledge should be shared to a large extend and would like the young people to benefit from them and use them in their future projects. #opensource #share #tech #community