Paris, France

Vanessa Lemaire, the project’s initiator. The story of AtmosFeel starts with a new technology enthusiastic working in publishing who loves every form of the written words… whose dream is to share a new and captivating experience mixing Arts and the digital world. After ten years working in corporate public relations and an experience as an associative entrepreneur of ashow of children’s stories, she’s indulging in a more innovating project. The acquaintance of very creative students working in Web Design at the school of L’initiative in Paris during the year of 2012 marks the birth of AtmosFeel. Today with two IT developers in the starting blocks and dozens of artists ready to share their work, AtmosFeelworks towards being a platform where: • upcoming talented artists and writers are being supported and are given visibility • you can share a passion for artistic endeavors through complete oeuvres • works of literature, music, photography and design are being mixed together, always going for mixing different works from various disciplines • broadcast messages through never-seen before multimedia works