Bari, Italy

My name is Lorenzo and I am a traveler. I have always been a traveler, and many of the decisions I've made in my life, were influenced by this awareness. I work as a photographer and videomaker in the south of Italy. As a journalist, i took my first indipendent freelance photoreporter work when I decided to leave for Middle East. From Gaza Stip to Iraq, i can say i documented some of the most important wars of the century. Then there where my reportages in the former Jugoslavia and in China. I also work as a video director, i make documentaries, music videoclips, fictions. At the age of 40 I decided to combine into a single mission everything I've always done: so I bought a 1982’s camper and I started to tell my travels, with images, articles and videos. Traveling by feet or with my motorhome, i know the world is there, waiting for me. I track routes, look for contacts, plan the trip. My future has the colours of the places i have not yet visited.