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The project


Who we are: 5 passionate surfers, stoked to show you the result of our hard work. For now 6 years in the Basque country, we have been hand-crafting self-sustaining, high-performance surfboards. Our adventure is a daily challenge in the face of global companies that make boards at low cost without concern for their employees' health or the environment.




In the country of the Belharra, one of the biggest waves in the world, our small company is proud to feature the know-how of our region and the new industry in France of self-sustaining surfing.

We rely on our community of surfers who have been supporting us in recent years to develop quality and high performance boards.




It was high time to offer an environmentally friendly alternative!









Numerous awards won with NOTOX boards !











Whether it is a little help or a big hand, we want to thank everyone. For your gift, we planned exclusive countergifts just for you!










More details:

- NEOCOMBINE bracelets are made from recycled neoprene. The material was collected from end of life wetsuits given by surf schools in particular.

- The LASTAGE t-shirts are eco-friendly, grapefruit color and branded NOTOX

- The WAX GREENFIX, Melon fragrance, is 100% natural and handmade, comes with a protective box

- Sunscreen LABORATORIES Biarritz is based on algae and organic certified


The characteristics of the QUANTUM NOTOX surfboard:

- Exclusive presale on KissKissBankBank

- With discounts of 10-27% on future public sale price, enjoy!

- Personalized with your name

- With a set of fins FCS GLASSFLEX, stickers NOTOX and Wax Greenfix for the MY QUANTUM pack.

- Free delivery in France. Add € 50 for shipment to Europe and € 150 for a shipment overseas or in the rest of the world. The brave ones who will come to get it on site in Anglet, will receive a surprise gift.





= the MY QUANTUM pack of your choice + a set of FCS  IIPC CARBON fins  high performance and of course, the complete package GREEN BANKER. All delivered anywhere in France (add € 50 for shipment to Europe and € 150 for a shipment overseas or in the rest of the world).





= the SILVER BANKER pack + we offer you a tour of the LAB and a half day individual surf coaching, on the Basque Coast. Choose between our two favorite instructors, Emmanuelle Joly (http://www.emmanuellejoly.fr) and Jeff Bernard (http://www.surfconseil.com/): they will show you how best to use your new toy!





= the GOLD BANKER pack + much more! If you survived the half-day coaching, come and participate in the shaping of your board (your choice and customized) in our LAB in Anglet. Your coach and Benedict, our shaper, will design with you your dream board. You will watch its manufacturing and discover the art of finding the right curves in a polystyrene block.





= The BANKER PLATINUM pack + a big surprise in preparation! It will be unveiled for you at the end of the campaign ....



Why fund it?

This campaign will allow us especially to understand the craze the community of surfers and users show for our products and start production of our latest innovation: the QUANTUM surfboard.    Big or small, each of your donations will be a great leap forward for the NOTOX adventure. It really will contribute to the democratization of the environmentally friendly "eco-ride" in France, in Europe and one day, hopefully, in all spots of the planet.  


"Today, we are looking for KissBankers in a participatory spirit, so that the project can benefit from the experiences of each. "




So, do not hesitate to help a small business in the Basque Country while having fun!  A big thank you in advance for your support!


About NOTOX 


 If you want to know more, you can come on our website www.notox.fr and follow us on our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/notoxsurf



Since 2010, NOTOX is a French brand developing the new generation of surfboards : very high performance and very high level of environmental quality. With his technologies, NOTOX takes a major step forward through innovation and surf riding efficiency.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ How do you make a QUANTUM board?

Making boards is done in 4 steps:
1) SHAPING: formatting Recycled Polystyrene blocks. NOTOX worked long years to improve the working conditions of shapers and materials used in this step. All shavings are 100% recycled by the manufacturer through a short process.
2) ICING: this consists of coating the board with flax fiber to make it rigid. Not only is France the world's largest producer of flax (80%), but flax also has exceptional mechanical characteristics: it is often called the plant kevlar.
3) SANDING which is to make the surface of the board perfectly smooth

What is left is to put the fins and your board is ready to surf the Belharra wave ;-)!

+ How to choose the right size of QUANTUM board?

This range features four unique models designed to meet the needs of most surfers:

> 6'0 x 20" x 2"1/2 (volume 33.6 liters):
> Level: experts any body sizes - to - light weight intermediate
Designed for modern surfers, its range is maximum: it will suit both lightweights in the summer waves, and heavier riders in waves approaching 2.5 m. Equipped with all new housing systems for FCS II fins, the 6'0 QUANTUM will allow you to optimize its behavior depending on the conditions of the day, simply by changing sets of fins.

> 7'0 x 21”1/4 x 2"3/4 (volume 46.5 liters):
> Level: intermediate any size - to - trained light weight beginners
Both fun and effective it will be effective in all wave conditions. With its rather tense rocker, the 7'0 QUANTUM combines rapid take-off, speed slides and flowing curves.

> 8'0 x 21”1/2 x 2"3/4 (volume 54.5 liters):
> Level: intermediate any size - to - beginners
Recreational board par excellence. It is ideal for surfers of all levels. With it, paddling will no longer rhyme with chore, the take-off will be a formality and its round-tail lets you turn without effort.To learn, improve, or as a second board so you miss no session, to enjoy and express yourself, the 8'0 QUANTUM will be ideal for small to medium conditions (less than 1.5 m).

> 9'0 x 22" x 2"7/8 (volume 63 liters):
> Level: all levels and all body sizes
Advisable for all lovers of sliding and cruising! From 0.80 m to 2 m or more (depending on your level), the 9'0 QUANTUM joins lightness to versatility, speed and stability, for amateur riders as well as the most experienced. Surfable in single or tri-fins, it will adapt to both modern and old-school styles.

+ What are the fees and delivery times?

Free shipping if you are in France.
For sending in Europe, we will ask you for an extra 50 € at the time of delivery. For deliveries in all other countries and overseas territories, the additional costs due to our carriers will be 150 €.
If this is your case, we will send you an email about it, once your pre-purchase is recorded by KKBB.

The dates of our deliveries in France may vary depending on product and demand. All of our products are handcrafted. But we are committed to deliver by carrier, no more than 2 months after the end of our campaign.

The best solution, however: call and come pick up your board in our workshop in Anglet so that we can meet you!

+ What warranty exists for my board?

All our products are guaranteed!

We guarantee to the original purchaser that this product is free from major defects, either in materials or workmanship. This warranty is valid for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.

More details:

+ Is it possible to come and test the QUANTUM?

Yes! We will be happy to welcome you on our premises in Anglet so you can try the QUANTUM.

+ What is the lifespan of QUANTUM boards ?

The lifetime of NOTOX boards is higher than the average life of surf boards. Flax, also called "Kevlar plant" has unique mechanical properties: the most flexible fibers associated with a tighter weave and a vacuum lamination allow the production of a reactive board that resists breakage.

You should also know that NOTOX boards can be repaired with conventional materials (fiberglass and epoxy resin) worldwide in any workshop.

A simple method for small “home” repairs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD5fHtg2KxQ&list=PLD-VEXMHPVwYghgoX2lRgMfcr0r8Y2miN

Warning! ! ! Do not use polyester resin, it would melt the polystyrene!

+ Is it possible to get a custom board shaped?

For those who have a clear idea of the shape they want, yes!
Then you need to contact us directly.

Warning: this is not part of the offer in the QUANTUM series.

+ I am a beginner, does the QUANTUM suit me?

Our boards are for all surfers, from beginners to champions. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of the QUANTUM, especially if you are looking for a product with a unique design, truly eco-friendly and with superior performance (speed, responsiveness, vibration absorption, comfort...).

+ How do I choose the size of my T-shirt “NOTOX Crowdfunder?”

We will contact you before shipping to make sure the size corresponds to your expectations. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL and OVER SIZE.

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Quel joie que votre projet ait réussi! Et quelle fierté de bientôt pouvoir surfer une Quantum!! Vivement que je la waxe! Très très bonne continuation et à très bientôt aussi ;-)
Heureux d'avoir enfin une de vos planche et encore plus heureux de faire partie de votre aventure ;)
Très belle initiative, longue vie à votre projet qui j'espère en inspireront d'autres. Hâte d'avoir la bête entre les mains !