2 years have passed since our first collection on the crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank.com Are you ready for a new adventure together ?


The project

NUNGAN ON KissKissBankBank Ready for a new adventure together?

Hello everyone !


Two years have passed since our first collection on KissKissBankBank. With your support, we were able to record our first album "Flowerchild". Thanks again from my heart !! It was an unforgettable experience! If today we want to stay independent and pursue our dreams by going even further together, we're going to need a big boost to realize our new project.  The project is called "Un jour sur Terre" and as the name suggests, this time we have several titles in French that we look forward to present. Some of you have already heard at our last concert and asked us where to find them? Many of you have blown us the idea to start a collection! So here we go again for another adventure together !! :-)


Here is a video that explains everything!



You believe in us  and you want to be part of this new adventure?

Then let' s do it !!! WE HAVE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26 TO ACHIEVE OUR GOAL AND COLLECTION   !! You choose the amount you wish to add to the pot, it begins at 5 euros!Each amount is a consideration you receive in return! After this date, if the objective is not achieved then we lose the whole pot and your donations will be refunded. So for us to play together for the collection to be a success !!!

And this year, thank you, we have prepared new rewards, each corresponding to the amount of your participation: In addition to music, we have prepared t shirts, Totebag, and Postcards Nungan with the new logo that I have specially designed for our project "Un jour sur Terre" but also a guitar from Benji's collection (see photos below)! Warning : stocks are in limited supply so do not hesitate to order as soon as possible!




We wouldn't be where we are without this beautiful, supportive community; We are so thankful for you! Here's how you can pitch in so we can make this EP happen together!

1) Support - Take a look at some of the rewards on the right-hand-side and choose to back the ones you're diggin'

2) Share - Re-post this kisskissbankbank page on FB, TW, IG & beyond to share it with your friends and family. It's honestly a huge help!

This is the time to mobilize everybody ! 

We will be happy to answer all your questions about the project! You can contact us at Mail Address: nungan@nungan.com 


A Huge THANK YOU !  Nungan 



The rule of "All or Nothing" on KissKissBankBank  We are currently at 12% of the prize pool.  If we do not get to 100% by September 26, 2016  then the whole prize pool will be lost!



Why fund it?

The money will be used to finance every step of the project !


Enregistrement & Mix: 2700 euros

Mastering : 1000 euros

Pressage 500 CDs : 600 euros

SDRM: 200 euros

Musiciens: 2200 euros

Graphiste Pochette CD: 300 euros

Clip: 1500 euros

Musicians expenses:1000  euros

kisskissbanfbank's commission  de 8 %:  800 euros


If we are lucky and get more than 10000 euros, all the bonus will be spent in promoting the EP !!





We will keep you posted on this page and Facebook !! 

A  big thank you again 

Love XXX








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