In a wink, share with people you meet in transport through the O'Way application !


The project




It's time do to more than take public transport ! Bye Bye loneliness and insecurity during your daily routine and live the renewal of the social link ! Take O'Way !



The O'Way's vision is to consider public transport as a wonderful space carrying people with lots of needs, skills and common points like the way. Your way is my way !





                                   (First screens of the application)


1) Connect through Facebook/Instagram/O'Way's profile

2) Create your O'Way's profile

3) Find with the help of the interactive map in the form of a transportation planpersons taking the same way.

4) Send proposals to other travelers.

2 possible answers : "OWAY" or "NO WAY". A positive response will create a linking while a negative response will close the exchange.

5) Recommend your travel companions and take a souvenir photo in this time of sharing.




And how much ? It will be FREE for all users. The goal is to provide this service to the largest number of travelers to create a community united around the desire to improve public transport.





                                (Subtitles available in English)





Why fund it?

Why crowdfunding ?


Simply because at one moment in order to grow we must go through it. Yes money will help us to develop the application. Yes , it will help us to communicate and reach a wider audience. Yes, the money will help us build our graphic . But it is above all, a chance to see if our ambitious project manages to convince you. If we are a merry band of dreamers or if our ambition to improve men and women in each of us, is shared. If our will that no one ever suffers its journey is reachable.


This is where our real need : hear you !


How do we use the money harvested :



If we exceed the target :


Betwwen 10,000 and 20,000 : Graphical chart and digital strategy

Between 20,000 and 25 000: Improvement of design, advertising.

Around 30,000 euros: Application development on iPhone

Around 40,000 euros: Development of a website bringing together all O'Way community.

Around 50,000 euros: Improved graphic , dedicated lawyer, longer advertising period.

Around 60 000: Integration of new features.

Around 70 000 euros: Organizing a party in public transport.

> 70 000 euros : Business version dedicated to recruiters and professionals.


Team O'Way

Every day, we took public transportation on the same daily routine. But we never spoke to each other. Maybe too shy... After a year , it happened something great. We started to greet us. After a while we had our small group of four people with whom we share our ways. Looking back, we thought, damn it's a shame that this kind of situation does not happen... See more

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Vous dépassez !
Yahahh génial comme initiative ! Allez jusqu'au bout
Un projet révolutionnaire, qui pourra, je l’espère renouer les liens humains :) Force, Courage et Ambition , fier d'Alex et de son équipe ;) Continuez ainsi =D