Help me to finance a big photographic artistic project about scandinavian shamanic magical items. The adventure of a lifetime.


The project

The Project / 1st part / August 2015



The project is in 3 parts / 3 funds :

The First will be in scandinavia


Documentary + short movie + a book about shamanic sacred objects  from North of Europe (the 2nd book will be for the Siberia Trip).


Shamans use all kind of sacred items to maintain their power. Many of them are transmitted from generations to generations. Actual shamans can use items that are many centuries old.


I'm an artist and professionnal photographer for 10 years now.

I use different medias like photography and graphic design, but also animated pictures, sound samples and writing.


My goal is to publish a photographic book and exhibit the pictures in a parisian gallery with a video installment.

A web site will be created  to document my trips.



This project is really important to me, because this travel to several nordic countries, taking pictures of the first shamanic ritualistic people and their items, in sacred ceremonies. For many years, I have been thinking about this artistic adventure. It's time to make this beautiful project a reality, but i have to find a way to finance it...

And so here I am.


 I want to combine this idea with pictures of landscapes and portraits, like I have always done.


I have already started this project last year, in Europe, during a shamanic peruvian session






Take a look at the beginning of the project here:



What I want to do, is not only a documentary, but an artistic project, a research about these medecine-men day to day life. I want to visit 3 different "tribes": 


The first part of my project will cover the Samis in scandinavia, the last tribe in Europe.




In the future I hope to include two other trips, which I will cover another time, perhaps 2016.

These trip will be to Nenets in North Siberia







...and to Buryat  in South Sibieria (Baïkal lake)




I feel like it is my duty to record the magical, ritualistic lifestyles that are invisible to our society, before they cease to exist.



About me ?




After my long university studies in media and digital arts sociology, and my travels around the world, I became in 2004, a professionnal photographer and graphic designer. I live in Toulouse ( south of France). I am a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, graphic designer, videographer and novelist. I am constantly questioning through my work about the invisible and reality. My photographic’s themes are about memory and private intimate life.

My art captures what our identity is made of. My projects carry the influence of surrealiasm, melting graphic experimentations to my photography, mixing various inspirations «avant-gardes» and «classicals», such as, the fashion world, dance, psychedélism, black and white, colors, anthopological studies from the beginning of the XXth century, urban day life, trips all over the world and landscapes. There are no limits to the construction of my art. After my anthopology studies, I had some personal shamanic experiences, taking part of amazonian Shipibo rituals.

I'm in touch with some shamans.

Why fund it?

I will use this fund to the 1st part of my project. In scandinavia. Because the other 2 parts will be in spring 2016 with other funds here. (I hope so! )


Different transportation (flights, train and bus ticket,...) in Norway and Sweden : 980€ 


And then, food and accommodations, in Sweden and Norway: from 1250 to 1500€


And finally , 1020€ for all the charges (misc, my book, the gallery...).




Kissbankers will be able to watch on-line, on my dedicated website,  some of my pictures during the trips.






1st part : Samis territory in august 2015 ( +- 2 weeks)


Sweden : In Sapmi region to JukkasjÄrvi and Kiruna)


Norway : Kautkeino (a lot of Samis people )


Norway : In Karasjok region (near to polar circle)



1. Norway : 5 days to 1 week


Transportation : 340 €

Toulouse (France) - Oslo

Oslo– Andselv (Bardufoss airport) 

to the Isogaisa Festival  (18-23th of august 2015) : huge Samis shaman meeting  in Norway.


Accomodations : 320 €

Oslo : 2 nits

Festival : 3 nights



Food : 120€


2 - Sweden : 1 week


Transportation : 640 €

Oslo - Stockholm 

Stockholm- Kiruna (to JukkasjÄrvi in Siida-Sámi Camp for example) :


Kiruna – Kautokeino (Shaman school in Norway) 4h by car 

Stockholm - Toulouse 


Accomodation : at least 600 €

Stockholm : 2 nights




Food : 200€


If fund collect is greater : Go more to the north (arctic circle)


3. Karasjok  (Lakselv)- Kautokeino via Alta : transportation 150€

Accomodation : 100 € / night > 3 nights

Food : 150€





My first books in self-publishing :

150 €




Toulouse or Paris) :

500€ / week



A big Thank you for  this great adventure's contribution!




After long universities studies in medias and digital arts sociology, and a vagrancy around several continents, I became in 2004, a professionnal photographer and graphic designer. I'm living in Toulouse ( south of France). A pluridisciplinary artist, photographer, graphic designer, videographer and novelist. A modern artist, questioning about... See more

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