Two artists, one month of street art. Embark on our everyday life during a tour of Europe !


The project

After our travels in plenty of towns, from Milan to Tel Aviv, passing by Paris or Amsterdam, we decide today to invite you becoming actors of an european project. 


We wish to take you in our daily adventure with a book between the travel diary and the art book. A dedicated logbook, unveiling a photo travel, drawing and handwriting stories, made by us. 


In our van, we will roam 2706 miles, eat 120 kebabs, drink 240 beers and draw on 420 walls / One travel month, one street art night by town. 


Evolve with us and follow each of our adventures in 11 big european towns:


Paris / Bruxelles / Amsterdam / Hambourg / Berlin / Prague / Munich / Zurich / Milan / Marseille / Barcelone


This Europe Tour has to be the tool to transfert you our feeling as artists, but especially as human being, sharing artistically through a human adventure. 
















Why fund it?

Funding for this European project whose total budget is 7500€, includes a self-financed portion of 3500€ and the KissKissBankBank (KKBB) collect 4000€.


Self financed portion will cover photo equipment/ video/ painting / glue  The KKBB Collect will serve to the travel costs as rooms, car fees and book creation fee.


Fiche technique du livre:

Dos carré collé / Couleur

Environ 80 page

Format A4 / 21x29,7 cm







Because this project is oriented towards sharing, we realized plenty of souvenir objects bouquet, to thank each one of you for your contribution.






COMBO job which focuses around the hijacking. ATOM is an artist halfway between street art and graphic design . What unites us is our vision of street art : " An art that we place on the street, a freedom that we take for questioning and passing fuel our perpetual surrender esthetic and ethical issue "

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Hâte de suivre vos péripéties !!!
On vous attend à Bruxelles !! !!  Un blog sur lequel nous pourrons suivre vos aventures ?  Bonne route ;-) 
Je souhaite que mon argent soit utilisé uniquement pour les bières ;) Bonne route amigo !